Frequently Asked Questions

frequesntly asked questions

How do the gps watches and trackers work?

The trackers work off a normal gsm sim card which is tracked by satellite.Just insert a ready to go sim card and start tracking.

How do you track once initial setup is complete?

We have different tracking platforms for each model. Just log onto the website designed for each model,enter the unique emei code, password and you can access all the features listed.

How precise are the GPS Trackers?

The tracking platform can pinpoint the person to a precise location within 5-10 metres. They also hold 30 days of information which can be downloaded from the website platform and analysed by the guardian to see where the person has been.

Are the Guardians the only persons who can change the settings on the tracker?

Yes,the guardians have full control over the tracker and are the only ones with access to the website platform. If the child steps outside the Geo fence set by the guardian or even if the sim card is removed from the tracker, a message is sent to alert the guardians immediately.

How precise are the healthy pedometer bracelets?

The bracelets are fitted with a Bosch 3D acceleration sensor with 360 Degree high sensitivity to track every imperceptible movement, like an eyelid flutter or a twitchy finger, ideal for tracking your movement in the gym or whilst doing any exercise whatsoever.

How do you download the info from the bracelet?

First you download the app to your phone,pair up your Bluetooth from your bracelet to your phone and all data is automatically transferred.The app is the most precise and up to date on the market today.

Is there a number to contact if there are complications in the setup of any of the products?

Yes we can be reached at the contact details on the website during normal working hours. All user manuals have been written by our own staff and are very user friendly.

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