GPS / WiFi Safety Watch For Kids

GPS & WiFi Positioning. 2 Way Talk. One Button SOS.

GPS & WiFi Safety Watch


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At Hawkeye Patrol we have developed the most effective safety and communication system available on the market.

Our goal is to keep your loved ones safe while giving both of you the comfort of instant two way communication and the knowledge to know their precise location in an emergency situation.

The Solution:

Our solution starts with GPS devices that children wear.

It is important that children can be protected under all circumstances.

We have produced the first and only wearable, tamper-resistant GPS and WiFi locator with 2-way talk, pedometer, Geo-fence setting and listen-in functions.

Only this level of technology and practical insight can truly extend a parent’s protective and supervisory capabilities beyond the family home and into the city streets, suburban playgrounds and rural parks where our children live their daily lives.

We have designed these tracking devices as a way to protect your children, prevent bullying, and help you monitor children with any special needs.

You control the GPS devices from your smart phone, iPad, PC or laptop.

Hawkeye Patrol have developed a user interface App and Internet-based system management software that provides the ability to keep track of children in a more secure way then ever before.

In addition to helping to protect your family, our products provide two-way communications capability where family members can contact each other instantly should the need arise or simply stay in touch.

Track Your Child:

Your child will love having the coolest watch on the planet.

The Hawkeye Patrol watch displays the current time, date, walking speed, signal strength, and direction.

You’ll love the security of knowing you can always locate your child and that he or she can communicate directly with you with the push of a button and that the watch’s housing is tamper-resistant.

Special Needs:

Children with special needs may have cognitive, physical or sensory sensitivities that require an easy-to-use and unobtrusive tracking device.

We’ve designed a child tracking system that allows for uncomplicated two-way communication with the push of a button.

Prevent Bullying:

It’s hard to let go of our children in this day and age.

We want to allow our children an appropriate amount of independence but we also want to prevent bullying and keep our children safe.

Of course, the best way to prevent bullying is by working within your community and your child’s school to promote anti-bullying attitudes and behaviors.

Still, having your child or teen wear a personal tracking and communication device can help you keep track of your child and alert you to danger.

The Hawkeye Patrol Watch software allows for both two-way communication and one-way monitoring.

You won’t need to rely on your child remembering to phone you and can take some of the worry out of the gaining freedom process for you and your child.


  • Comes with free Sim Card
  • Comprehensive network that links their GPS-enabled device to a parent’s smart phone or computer
  • This watch can track off public wifi without needing a password
  • Real-time tracking with the ability to manually set up reporting intervals
  • Designation of “safety zones” so that a parent can be alerted when a child leaves the zone
  • Ability to monitor a child’s GPS device and listen in to their environment
  • Audio conversation via a child’s GPS device and a parent’s smart phone
  • A quick SOS button that allows the child to send a danger signal to parents
  • If not acknowledged by the parent, the SOS will be sent to additional responsible parties you select
  • Single-button dialing to communicate with a designated parent/contact

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