J Style Smart Activity Wristband

Track your steps (walk and run), your distance, your speed and your time.

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Elegantly stylish, the J Style Activity Tracker may be the most unassuming fitness tracker on the market today.

It's much smarter, more accurate, and does a whole lot more than measure how much you walk or jog.

Paired with our mobile APP it gives you better insight into your habits that make up your lifestyle, including sleep, calorie loss, distance, time and more.

Whether your health goals are modest or you're hoping for a full fitness transformation, using our personal fitness tracking device can go a long way toward helping you understand if the exercise and health habits you keep are contributing to the new you.

The device is fitted with a Bosch 3D acceleration sensor with 360degree sensitivity to track every imperceptible movement, like an eyelid flutter or a twitchy finger. It's also fitted with a silent vibrating alarm to gently wake you up and not disturb your partner.

  • Integrates with the Track-J Style Pro APP on your smartphone
  • Records your calories lost and fat burned
  • Tracks your personal progress and organises records with simple, personalised graph analysis
  • Monitors your sleep quality and performance
  • Sets your health plan or goal for motivation
  • Can Gather, store and share you health information with friends, family or doctors
  • 30 days memory
  • Vibration alarm for reminders or wake up
  • Lithium polymer battery rechargeable
  • Wireless data transfer options: USB, RF2.4G, Bluetooth, GSM, WIFI etc
  • Different size optional
  • Online data sync and sharing with friends
  • Bluetooth Wireless 4.0
  • CE&ROHS approved


  • Ultra low power consumption with Latest BLE 4.0 technology for data transfer (Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0)
  • Bosch 3D acceleration sensor with 360 Degree high sensitivity to track every imperceptible movement, like an eyelid flutter or a twitchy finger
  • High quality OLED display with high precise performance
  • Online data sync through smartphone or tablet with ios or andriod system
  • USB cable for battery charge
  • Scratch-proof & abrasion-resistant housing, environment friendly
  • Easy to use with one button operation
  • Small size, easy to slip into your pocket
  • Light weight
  • 30 days memory Function
  • Compete with your friends and share your performance online, enjoy the pleasure of your daily activities

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Content Specifications:

  • Battery: Lithium polymer battery
  • Display: 0.91" OLED
  • Data Memory: 15 days
  • Battery capacity: 70mAH

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